Annual Subscription Packages

The St John Ambulance is offering a new money-saving subscription package for ambulance transport. Subscribers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unlimited ambulance evacuation and transfer to hospital of choice
  • Free First Aid Kit
  • Free first aid advice over the phone
  • 10% discount on first aid training and event standby ambulance
  • 5% waiver on subsequent year if evacuation is not utilized
  • 5% waiver for every new subscriber introduced

Categories and charges per year

  • Personal Cover: Unlimited ambulance cover for an individual @ 5,000/-
  • Family Cover: Unlimited ambulance cover for up to 7 family members @ 10,000/-
  • Corporate Cover: Unlimited cover for workers and guests within offices @ 60,000/-
  • Schools Cover: Unlimited cover for learners, staff and guests within a school or on official transport @ 130,000/-

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