We take action when seconds matter across Kenya.

St John Ambulance is a first aid and health charity organization incorporated in the Republic of Kenya under the St John Ambulance of Kenya Act, Cap. 259 of the Laws of Kenya with mandates to provide emergency medical support to communities, promote charitable works aimed at reducing human suffering and to provide technical reserves to the medical services of the Government and security agencies of Kenya among other functions.

Being a volunteer-led healthcare charity organization, St John steps forward to support rescue operations during emergencies and disasters. St John’s network of over 26,000 emergency response volunteers provide well-coordinated response to emergencies and disasters at a short notice.  A fleet of modern ambulances backs the volunteers. The organization also builds grassroots preparedness by teaching and equipping communities with first aid and safety skills to deal with emergencies and disasters.

Whenever a disaster occurs, local actors are the first to respond. These disasters include drought, hunger, fire outbreaks, terrorist attacks and road accidents among others. St John Ambulance Kenya is always on standby to respond to save lives in all these disasters.